EDBV Disappoints!

Good morning!

I have been super duper busy the last five days!  Well…not Sat & Sun – I was super duper lazy and not feeling like myself on Sat afternoon and Sunday.  But, Mon-Wed have been crazy!  I think the earliest I have gotten home is 9:30 with last night getting home closer to midnight!  Hence, it is 8:40 am right now and I am writing and NOT at work.  I’m going in a bit late today.  I think I deserve it!  Too bad I still have a LOT of work to do and in my profession it is not about what I deserve, but what the clients need me to do for them and what deadlines the courts have given me.  Sometimes it is very overwhelming.  Just got to make it to December 24th!

I picked up Eat Drink and Be Vegan a couple weeks ago and this weekend I tried my first recipe from it.  Chili!  I had made a really good Chili recipe from The Vegan Table.  I was really excited to try my second chili recipe and even more excited that it was from EDBV.  I decided to try the Cocoanut Chili;  I followed the instructions and made very few changes.  I didnt have ‘dutch’ cocoa powder so I just used my regular and I added an extra pepper.  I was soooooo disappointed!   I have never read any bad recipe reviews from anyone who has made something from this cookbook.  Everyone loves it! Leave it to me to try a recipe that I don’t like first!  I am not too excited about trying other recipes from this book. 😦  I think I will go back to the cookbook that had the good chili recipe before going to EDBV.

Oh!  My new digital camera!  I should have it TODAY!  So excited.

Time to get ready for work!  Make it a great day!



I update the ‘about me‘ page.  The original ‘about me’ just didn’t seem to capture what I wanted it to.  I think it is perfectly fine for you all to know what I do (attorney), what my struggles are (work+life balance+weight loss) and that I believe I can work through my struggles with a good attitude and remember to take time to just enjoy life.


Hey!  Hey!  Hey!

A quicky post coming….


No post yesterday because I didn’t get home form work until after 10:30 – that is what happens when you have to prepare for a deposition.  It always seems to happen no matter how prepared I think I am the day before I end up working late to make sure I am super-duper prepared!

Eats yesterday were blah!  Too much Thai Food, too much red meat, not enough veggies.  Going to try to fix that today and get a salad at lunch.

Love me my breakfast cookie this morning!

Question of the daydo you have one meal or snack that you tend to eat consistently for months at a time before changing it up?

Zombie Woman

Yesterday I discovered what happens when I eat a crappy breakfast and don’t sleep well.  I turn into zombie woman! So sad, but true, I was just out of it yesterday.  I didn’t make my breakfast cookie on Sunday night and was running late and didn’t have time to make anything else, plus I am all out of real cereal. The only thing I had that was quick was rice crispies, so I poured a bowl.  It was a bad, a very bad decision.  I should have just waited until I got to work and stopped by the Corner Bakery for some swiss oatmeal.  Zombie woman spent most of the morning purchasing a digital camera from amazon.com and the rest of the day preparing for a deposition.  Her communication with the outside world were monotone and one syllable answers, usually consisting of “No” and “I will need to get back to you.” It probably didn’t help that I loaded up on carbs for lunch not only having a cosi soup with bread, but also have a jimmy johns sandwich.  The soup was good, but jimmy johns disappointed me – I haven’t had anything from there for probably about a month and it just wasn’t as good as I thought it once was.  My good eating downfall -> being tired.  Luckily, zombie woman left the building after a good night sleep.  Sleep and a breakfast cookie and I was ready to face Tuesday.

Breakfast this morn was a breakfast cookie with pom and carob chips at about 6:30.  I was in a super long meeting that started late and did not get lunch until 2:30 which I ate with my business partner.  We had crab bites for an app and split the Blackened Mahi which came with mashed sweet potatoes and rice and beans.  I also had a beautiful glass of red wine.  It was the perfect amount of food!  In between breakfast and lunch at about 10 I had some trail mix.  I was a busy productive bee today and worked straight through to about 5:45.  I got home around 7 where I had another convenience meal – soy nuggets, veggie burger, cheese and some veggies.

I tried to make an apple crispy like thingy, but it was a fail and I ate less than half of it.  When I was trying to figure out what I wanted instead I realized that I really wasn’t all that hungry anymore and did not require anything else for the night.

I have a mantra for this month – If I can just make it to Christmas-Eve I’ll be fine. I had a one week vacation in August that work ended up interfering with and I’ve been busting my butt since then.  I really, really need a vacation.  I am burnt out.  Totally, utterly burnt.  To a crisp.  Unfortunately, I cannot take any time off until the holidays due to certain work deadlines.  But, I will be off from December 24 through January 3rd and I could not be happier about it!  I don’t even want to go anywhere.  I just need some time to regroup, relax and get my head back together.  I’ll go to my parent’s on the 24th and probably stay until Monday or Tuesday, but the rest of the week will be spent at my apartment and figuring out some things that I need to figure out.

What do you do to avoid getting burnt out and/or if you find yourself burnt out what do you do to recharge and renew?

Thanksgiving Food Pics

Good morning!  I’ve got some Thanksgiving food pics for ya today.  My aunt and grandma are awesome cooks and everything below was scrumptious!

Cranberry salad – one of my all time favorites (unfortunately I got a bad pic).

Black beans and corn salad – my contribution to dinner.

Mandarin orange salad – this baby comes back out for dessert as well.

Glorified Rice – so good!

My other all time favorite – scalloped corn!

layered salad – you can’t tell but there is broccoli and cauliflower hiding in there!

The green been casserole – I gotta say, I’ve never been a big fan of anyones green been casserole, so I passed on this one.

The sweet potatoes!

Here’s a pic of my aunt’s main coon cat Storm – doesn’ t he look regal?

This is a pic of my grandparent’s parlor – it is the room between the dining room and living room, i love the feel of it.

And here is a pic of me!

Time for me to get ready for work.  Have a good day!

Edit – so I just noticed I didn’t have a pic of the turkey!  When I was taking pics I believe the trukey was still in the kitchen, but I promise we did have turkey!

Happy Thanks-Christmas!

Thanks-Christmas is officially over. If you haven’t been following along, my mom’s side of the family combined Thanksgiving and Christmas today because it was the only day we could all get together before the New Year.  We had almost everyone there with the exception of one of my cousins and her kids (she had to work), one of my uncles (he was hunting), and another one of my cousins (he had the flu – but his adorable, always smiling little boy was there!)  It was a lot of fun even and I am so glad that I made it; this morning I wasn’t so sure I would.  I woke up this morning with a killer headache and upset stomach and for a while thought I was going to have to stay home. After taking a shower, taking some drugs (the legal ones, of course), tums, eating some toast, taking a short walk outside and drinking some coke 0 I finally started feeling better and was ready for the 2ish hour drive to Thanks-Christmas.  My headache reappeared later in the day and I took more drugs and sat in a comfy recliner while I talked with some of my aunts and my grandma.

The best thing about being sick when you are at your parent’s house?  Your mommy takes care of you! 🙂 I think that was a big part of my miraculous recovery. 😉  Plus, my dad recommended taking a walk outside which surprisingly (at least to me) actually was what put my over the edge to feeling better.

I’m calling it a night and hoping that I wake up without a headache tomorrow.  Have a good night!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

I had a great Thanksgiving!  I love seeing my family and just hanging out with them and talking and laughing and relaxing.  I was really excited for Thursday – I love spending time with my dad’s parents and my aunt.  My grandma is hilarious and I love her laugh and her sense of humor – I think we are a lot alike in that department!  My grandpa is one of the smartest people I know and he’s had a hard time of it health-wise and I am so thankful to be able to spend another Thanksgiving with him.  My aunt is awesome as well, smart, funny and just a lovely person.  It makes me smile to think of how much fun it was just to sit around the Thanksgiving table with some of my favorite people!

Saturday we are heading up to my mom’s side of the family.  There are so many of us that we are combining Christmas and Thanksgiving on Saturday.  It will be the first time we have done this and I have to say that I am a little sad that we can’t do two holidays, but I understand why.  There are too many people for me to talk about on the blog.  My grandma is a quite woman, she is one of those strong quite types.  I also think I am a lot like her, I can tend to be really quiet and just listen – if I don’t have something to add to the conversation I would rather listen to it than try to hear my own voice.  My grandpa is a jokester and still getting into trouble! 😉 We’ll probably hear my grandma use his full name at some point during the day due to something that he has said or done! 😉

I actually find myself acting a bit different in the two settings.  Do you act different depending on who you are around? With my dad’s side of the family – they lived closer- so I think I ‘ve always been a bit more comfortable and act the most like me.  With my mom’s side of the family they lived a bit further away, there were more people, more kids and I always felt a bit shy, never quite ready to be the same go lucky person I am with my dad’s side of the family.  Of course as I grew older some of these things changed, but my dad’s parents probably know me better and have seen me (both good and bad) than my mom’s parents.  It’s strange because there are people in my life (outside of family) who the same is true of.  Apparently I have a bit of a guard up most of the time and it takes a bit to make me comfortable enough to let it down.  I don’t really know where this guard comes from.  As more than one person can attest to, I am shy when you first get to know me, but if I feel really comfortable around you, you may wish I was shy again just so I wouldn’t talk so much!

I have pics of Thursday, but they are in my dad’s digital camera and I haven’t figured out how to get them on my very old laptop.  Hopefully I can post them soon, if not – well, let’s just say I will have a camera by January 1st!

My dad and I are going shopping this afternoon.  Not sure how much time we will spend shopping, depends how we long we can handle the crowd.  We also might meet up my grandparents and aunt at some point in the afternoon who said they might head into town as well.  By ‘heading into town’ I mean that my parents live in a very small town with no stop lights, one gas station, one cheese store and 2 bars – there are no real ‘stores’ to shop in.  So we head Rockford or Madison (both about 45-60 min away) to do ‘real shopping’. 🙂

I’ve got some butternut squash cooking on the stove and I am going to make roasted butternut squash soup for lunch and then we will be off!

Have a good Black Friday!!

Theory of the Day – Relax and enjoy your time with your family this weekend!