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Yesterday I discovered what happens when I eat a crappy breakfast and don’t sleep well.  I turn into zombie woman! So sad, but true, I was just out of it yesterday.  I didn’t make my breakfast cookie on Sunday night and was running late and didn’t have time to make anything else, plus I am all out of real cereal. The only thing I had that was quick was rice crispies, so I poured a bowl.  It was a bad, a very bad decision.  I should have just waited until I got to work and stopped by the Corner Bakery for some swiss oatmeal.  Zombie woman spent most of the morning purchasing a digital camera from amazon.com and the rest of the day preparing for a deposition.  Her communication with the outside world were monotone and one syllable answers, usually consisting of “No” and “I will need to get back to you.” It probably didn’t help that I loaded up on carbs for lunch not only having a cosi soup with bread, but also have a jimmy johns sandwich.  The soup was good, but jimmy johns disappointed me – I haven’t had anything from there for probably about a month and it just wasn’t as good as I thought it once was.  My good eating downfall -> being tired.  Luckily, zombie woman left the building after a good night sleep.  Sleep and a breakfast cookie and I was ready to face Tuesday.

Breakfast this morn was a breakfast cookie with pom and carob chips at about 6:30.  I was in a super long meeting that started late and did not get lunch until 2:30 which I ate with my business partner.  We had crab bites for an app and split the Blackened Mahi which came with mashed sweet potatoes and rice and beans.  I also had a beautiful glass of red wine.  It was the perfect amount of food!  In between breakfast and lunch at about 10 I had some trail mix.  I was a busy productive bee today and worked straight through to about 5:45.  I got home around 7 where I had another convenience meal – soy nuggets, veggie burger, cheese and some veggies.

I tried to make an apple crispy like thingy, but it was a fail and I ate less than half of it.  When I was trying to figure out what I wanted instead I realized that I really wasn’t all that hungry anymore and did not require anything else for the night.

I have a mantra for this month – If I can just make it to Christmas-Eve I’ll be fine. I had a one week vacation in August that work ended up interfering with and I’ve been busting my butt since then.  I really, really need a vacation.  I am burnt out.  Totally, utterly burnt.  To a crisp.  Unfortunately, I cannot take any time off until the holidays due to certain work deadlines.  But, I will be off from December 24 through January 3rd and I could not be happier about it!  I don’t even want to go anywhere.  I just need some time to regroup, relax and get my head back together.  I’ll go to my parent’s on the 24th and probably stay until Monday or Tuesday, but the rest of the week will be spent at my apartment and figuring out some things that I need to figure out.

What do you do to avoid getting burnt out and/or if you find yourself burnt out what do you do to recharge and renew?


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