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I couldn’t decide what I wanted for lunch.  I didn’t bring my lunch so that means I have to go somewhere – the where was what I couldn’t decide.  So instead, I walked down the street to Trader Joes and got some groceries for the office.  It just so happened that those groceries included my lunch!  The office is now stocked up on: apples, kiwi, bananas, baby spinach, goddess dressing, pea sprouts, trail mix, pomegranate white tea and raw almond butter!

My lunch was excellent.

2009-11-11 lunch no salsa

baby spinach

roasted bell peppers



pea sprouts

goddess dressing

It still tasted like it was missing something so I added Trader Joe’s Salsa.

2009-11-11 lunch w salsa

Exactly what it needed – sooo yummy!

I had a Pellegrino to drink.

2009-11-11 pelle

Does anyone know what the current research is on carbonation? I read somewhere that carbonation is part of the reason that soda is so bad for you – does that mean that drinking seltzer water is not good either?

Snack was a naner with  ab  and cinnamon.

2009-11-11 naner

and a kiwi.

2009-11-11 kiwi

I reused the plate the naner was on.  Interestingly kiwi and cinnamon are actually pretty good together.

Today was a really good day at work. Productive, I may have closed some matters and it was just nice and relaxing! Maybe I should work more federal holidays??  😉

Leaving work early today – is it bad that 5:30 is early? Going to WALK to the train and get my 2 miles of walking in today.  Not much, but at least it is something!  Do you have something that you try to do everyday even if you don’t make your planned workout?

My theory of the day – if you bother someone long enough and refuse to go away and refuse to do exactly what they want you to do they may just give you what you want to make you go away. **This applies well in my profession and if you put a more positive spin on it, i.e., if you are persistent long enough and refuse to give up and refuse to by lazy about your dreams, then you may just end up where you want to be 🙂


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