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Crazy Outlook

My outlook is going crazy – so what better way to wait for it to completely close out then sneak in a quick ‘lil blog?

I tried the breakfast cookie this morning.  It was better than I imagined, meaning it was really, really good! Last night I realized that I had just enough of the main ingredients to try it out.  I even mixed almond butter with peanut butter because both jars were almost empty, I added some imitation vanilla, craisons and cinnamon.  I only had half a breakfast cookie and a bit of pb cap’n crunch!  Which I will continue to eat until it is gone. 🙂

I also had 1/3 of a blueberry muffin that someone was nice enough to bring a few into the office for us to share.  It was good, but not yummy so I am regretting it just a bit.

Lunch was a cosi salad, Shanghai chicken (the lighter side variety), with a side of tomato soup and whole grain bread.


I’m still trying to remember to actually take pics of what I eat!  So this is my lunch almost gone!  Yes, I ate at my desk!

And now I must restart my computer!


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